Karate for Kids. A proven system for success.

We specialize in building Rock Solid Kids with a great “Yes I Can” Attitude and the Self Confidence with Self Discipline to make good choices.

So how do we do it?

Here is our Proven System of Success that has worked for thousands of kids and families and will work for yours as well. At Croley’s Premier Martial Arts your kids will get in the best shape of their lives, learn real self defense, and have a great time doing it.

Black Belt Excellence at home, at school, and in the dojo.

  1. Positive Role Models and Incentives for Effort!  All of our instructors and staff see your kids and family as people that they would like to teach, share knowledge with, and help grow. We will systematically lead your child into the “Yes, I Can!” attitude you’ve always wanted for him or her.
  2. Physical Fitness and Fun!  Our classes are fun, but we are very physically active and work a great deal of strength, flexibility, cardio, and coordination.  When a student feels their physical skills skyrocket…it’s not long before their self-image follows suit!
  3. A Proven System of Skill Development. We focus on having a good attitude, best effort, and perseverance.  Our students learn that these three things are the secret keys to mastering anything.
  4. Personal Safety Education. There are many things that can lead kids astray these days, we discuss strategies on how to deal with bullies, peer pressure, strangers, saying NO, and much more.
  5. An Atmosphere of Order, Structure, and Respect. You watch with satisfaction as your children learn to give respect and to earn respect.  Most importantly, they learn the essential lessons of Self-Respect! If you are expecting the old, harsh, authoritarian, military style Martial Art training…you are going to be sadly disappointed.  When you visit us, you will find a friendly, supportive environment.  Some of the teachers and long time students have been friends for years.  That atmosphere of friendship, support, and respect will give your child the support he or she needs to succeed!

By investing in your children’s Martial Arts Education with us you will empower them with the skills to make positive life choices, set and reach goals, and have the self confidence to reach their potential.

At the Croley’s Premier Martial Arts we offer a positive, family environment with specifically structured Thought in Action and Leadership classes designed to build.

Your family can try our program for two private lessons for only $29.95 per person to see if we are the right choice for you.

Click here to try two private lessons for $29.95 with a free Uniform.


Questions?  Call us at 828-713-0765, email Master Croley directly at dctai@charter.net!

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