Karate Birthday Parties!


Party FAQ:

How long is each party?  Each Party is 90 Minutes long.

What is included?  Every birthday child gets a karate uniform from our school, gets to be a Black Belt for the day, Gets to cut their cake with a sword, and the birthday child gets to break a real karate board at the end of the party! All of the kids will get a karate lesson and get to play a whole bunch of karate games!

How many kids can we invite?  You can invite your child’s entire class at school!  We have hosted small parties and large ones- whatever you would prefer!  Our mat space gets pretty cramped after 25 though.  We also will give you karate invitations at no additional cost.

When are parties scheduled?  We schedule parties on a first come, first serve basis on Saturdays at 1pm and 3pm.

What age ranges are appropriate for this party?  5 and up.  Remember, this is a martial arts party.  We will have a great time, but there is a structure to our presentation.  Also, it is never okay to hit people.  So, eh-ehm, Dad’s do not encourage the kids to hit each other or our staff.  It is not cool and is not permitted.

What are the costs?  For non members each party is $249. This includes our space, staff, and everything listed above.  There is a discount for our current students.  If you would like for us to order pizza we will be happy to do so at cost.  We prefer to use Papa John’s as they offer a discount for more than 5 pizzas with one topping.  It is common to tip the instructor.

What should you bring?  Bring a cake, paper products (any theme you would like), and any drink you want if you don’t want just water. If you get a gluten free cake, consider cup cakes.

Can you show up a little early to decorate?  Yes, please just let us know ahead of time!


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