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About Tai Chi and Qi Gong


At The White Oak Martial Arts Center in Asheville we teach a WACIMA certified curriculum of authentic Yang, Liu, Yuan Gong, and Chen Styles of Tai Chi  and Qi Gong with the direction and approval of Grand Master George Xu focusing on the following benefits for our students:

Stress Reduction — Enjoy the meditative, relaxed environment to be better able to deal with life’s stresses.

Injury prevention — Learn how to move your body correctly and with proper alignment to avoid injury or to avoid further injury to an existing condition.

Greater Health and Well Being — Tai Chi has been proven to be of tremendous benefit to literally all of the systems of the body by aligning your breathing, pulse, and skelatol structure. This allows chi (internal energy) to flow smoothly as it should.

Focus and Mental Accuity — By practicing meditation and Tai Chi you will even find that your ability to focus will improve tremendously as well as your “mental endurance”- your ability to stay on task longer.

Master Instructor Derek Croley

For hundreds of years people have been astounded by the mental, physical, and spiritual balance and well being that they enjoy through the study of Tai Chi. Not to mention that it is one of the most effective self defense arts in existence (though that isn’t why we do it).

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When I started taking Tai Chi classes a year ago at the White Oak Martial Arts Center my motivation was to reduce my back pain.  I had to rest horizontally for at least 30 minutes before class, then could barely make it through 45 minutes with considerable pain.  I also had neck and shoulder pain and was frequently asking my husband for shoulder massages.  Now I am taking up to three hour to hour and a half classes in a day in more than one discipline.  I haven’t needed a shoulder massage in months and my back pain has decreased as my range of activities has increased.  Knowing I might be able to defend myself in a hostile situation is secondary for me, but I like that also.

Sharon Sweede, MD


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