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Ancient Secrets Modern Tactics: Pure Internal Power for Fighting

They say there are no secrets. But there are. The hard part is getting somebody to teach them to you. And then the harder part still is figuring out what is being communicated to you. And once you have the information, what do you do with it? How would you fight with Internal Martial Arts? We will discusses this.

First, the secrets. 1. Body Sponsorship. 2. Zhong Ding Jing. 3. Pure Internal Power. 4. Gravity Power. 5. Shi. And then we’ll look at some examples of people who have these skills.

But then we’ll do something that is probably unique. We will discuss how you might apply these principles in a modern fighting context. With this book I hope to present an argument for the validity of Internal Martial Arts beyond “that slow stuff old people do,” and to bring this series of arts into this century.

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