Key Principles of Krav Maga


Here are the key principles of Krav Maga according to the Wingate Institute in Israel. This is important as most martial arts in America focus on the technique exclusively, not the tactics that surround the technique.

1. Safety. Your safety and that of your partner is imperative.
2. Understand your environment.
A. Think in terms of real situations.
B. There is always more than one attacker.
C. Use whatever you have around you.
3. Time Line. Do you see the attacker in time to run? Can you kick and run? do you need to do a technique? Always remember that your objective is to leave the bad situation, not win a trophy!
4. Minimal movement for maximum efficiency. No jump spin kicks when a simply palm will do.
5. The attacker is always active.
6. Prioritize attacking vital areas. Accuracy counts!
7. Be explosive!
8. Adjust your technique for the population and the situation.

When training in something for self defense, it is important to think about tactics as well as techniques. Give us a call for more information.

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