5 ways for kids to Say NO to negative influences.

This is a tidbit that I picked up from Dave Kovar, who I earned my first Black Belt from many, many years ago. 

An important thing to keep in mind while teaching kids to avoid negative influences or peer pressure is to teach them how to say “NO” effectively. Here are five ways say no to smoking, drugs, joining a bully, etc.

  1. Just Walk Away.  It can be that simple, just completely ignore the person trying to be a negative influence and walk away.
  2. Be a Scratched CD.  Just say “NO” over and over again.  It is even okay to interrupt the person attempting to be a negative influence by saying NO while they are speaking.
  3. “I Thought You Were My Friend.”  A friend wouldn’t try to harm a friend.  Saying, “I thought you were my friend.  I friend wouldn’t ask me to do that,” can be very effective.
  4. Act Disgusted. Saying “Yuck!”  Followed by gagging sounds can also be an effective deterrent.
  5.  Be Too Busy.  Start talking about why you are too busy right now to take part in the negative activity. “I don’t have time for that!  I’ve got to finish my work, clean up my room, go to Martial Arts Class, and……”

A child armed with the knowledge of how to deal with bad situations has a good chance of not falling prey.  We will go over this and other similar material in class at the White Oak Martial Arts Center, but go over this with your kids at home as well.  You never know when this will come in handy- but sadly, I guarantee that it will.

Also, click here to see what Grand Master Kovar has to say about our school. 

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